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A variety of enrichment resources are available for many activities: 3D models, website links, simulations and video clips.

Embedded Questions:

Students can answer questions on each page of the ebook that are identical to those in the printed book.


Teachers can chose to grade the questions, or simply accept the students responses as a "record of work".


Teacher Questions:

Teachers can create their own question bank for student ASSESSMENT (from the selection of question types)

Assign Homework:

Students can access teacher assigned homework task (e.g. reading or activity) to:
Classes, Study groups, Individual students

Auto-grading Questions:

Teachers can create auto-grading for their own questions (requires teacher to set correct answer for each question). Descriptive question type is for Free Response Questions and cannot be auto-graded.



Students and teachers can see all the additional resources and enhancements available throughout the book


Students access questions created by the teacher


Students can see notifications from their teacher. e.g. Due Date for assigned homework


Available on its own, or bundled with a print book

Print Book

Typically $29.95*

* Volume discount price directly from BIOZONE.
20-30 Copies depending on title


Typically $29.95

*Minimum Order: 20-30 Copies depending on licenses

eBOOK + Print Book Bundle*

Typically $44.95

*Minimum Order: 20-30 Copies depending on licenses


Student Editions eBook Price Minimum Purchase** Enhanced Edition*
Biology for NGSS $19.95 30+
Earth & Space Sciences for NGSS $19.95 30+
Physical Sciences for NGSS
$24.95 30+
Chemistry in the Earth System $24.95 30+
The Living Earth (1st Ed) $24.95 30+
The Living Earth (2nd Ed)
$24.95 30+
AP Biology 1 $19.95 20+
AP Biology 2 $19.95 20+
CIE Biology 1 $19.95 20+
CIE Biology 2 $19.95 20+
IB Biology $29.95 20+
Environmental Science $19.95 20+
AP Environmental Science
Coming 2020
TBC 20+
Anatomy & Physiology $19.95 20+
AQA Biology 1 TBC 20+
AQA Biology 2 TBC 20+
EDEXCEL Biology 1 TBC 20+
EDEXCEL Biology 2 TBC 20+
OCR Biology 1 TBC 20+
OCR Biology 2 TBC 20+
Modular Workbooks
Cell Biology & Biochemistry $14.95 20+
Genes & Inheritance $14.95 n/a
Health & Disease $14.95 n/a
Microbiology & Biotechnology $14.95 20+
Skills in Biology $14.95 20+

*What is an Enhanced Edition?

Our enhanced editions feature embedded questions, the same questions found in the print book, but with the added advantage of allowing the student to answer them online. These are then submitted to the teacher, who may choose to grade the students’ answers (or not).

Embedded Question magnified on page

Non Enhanced Editions are still undergoing further development to include the embedded questions feature.

**What is the Minimum Purchase?

Digital Versions (eBOOKs and BIOZONE Academy) are not for individual sale, a minimum purchase of the eBooks is required.

If you purchase more than the minimum number of the same book, you can get the eBooks for the same title for half price!

eBook licences are provided for a period of one year.


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