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Published: Thursday, October 01, 2020

📝 Back-to-school already? Raise your hand if you’re prepared..

What does

'back to school'

look like for you? 

The BIOZONE team have been doing some thinking about how we can make life easier for teachers and students in the current circumstances.
We have a range of solutions available that are "remote learning ready" - designed to enable on and off-campus learning for students.

BIOZONE's Options for Remote Learning

Print Option

Each BIOZONE book comprises a hybrid of Lite textbook and activity book that provide ready-made lessons, ideal for home-based learning. Critical thinking activities challenge students and encourage engagement.
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Digital Options

We have two digital options:
  • eBooks 
  • BIOZONE Academy 
Both provide the same content as the print books, with ready-made lessons.  
Digital r
eplica of the printed title, available for all programs
Online course available for selected programs
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Hybrid Solution
Use a combination of both print and digital versions of the same BIOZONE book to provide your students with a rich and varied learning experience. 

NOTE: We have an affordable eBook LITE option which is ideally suited for this purpose. To find out more contact our Customer Service Team. 
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