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Published: Friday, February 26, 2021

CIE Biology available in 3 formats

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CIE Biology 
Available in 3 formats 
The classroom is looking a little different for the 2020/2021 school year, so BIOZONE has made our CIE Biology title accessible in
3 different formats
Print Option
(For both on and off-campus learning)  

This title is suitable for students doing the AS course

BIOZONE’s CIE Biology 1 and CIE Biology 2 student workbooks together have been written for the new Cambridge International Exam for AS and A-Level.

Clear diagrams, explanations, and targeted learning outcomes drawn from the specification content accompany a variety of questions and tasks to create an innovative resource that encourages achievement in students of all abilities. 

CIE Biology Student Workbooks are well suited for classroom or homework use, independent study, review, exam preparation, and extension.

eBook LITE
(Affordable Option)
Our eBook LITE option is for customers who want simple functionality at a budget-friendly price point. Our eBooks contain everything in the printed book and more!

Features include: 
  • Text-to-speech: for students with learning disabilities 
  • Add notes
  • Simple drawing tools
  • Markup tools (color highlight, dictionary definition, Wikipedia lookup, Google search) 
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eBook PLUS
(Full-featured Option) 
Our eBook PLUS includes all of the features of the eBook LITE with the added bonus of:
  • Embedded publisher questions: students can answer questions within the eBook
  • Embedded Resource Hub
  • Additional Teacher & Student offline resources: offlines PDFs and spreadsheets 
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Compare our eBook LITE and PLUS
  eBook LITE eBook PLUS
Embedded Publisher Questions: Students can answer questions online -
Additional Teacher & Student Offline Resources: Activities that require graphing, drawing, model making, Offline PDFs and spreadsheets -
Embedded Resource Hub: Links to YouTube videos, web links, spreadsheets, 3D models, online simulations -
User Notes, Drawing and Mark-up Tools
Disability & English Language Learners (ELL) Support: Read Aloud (Text-to-Speech)* English only
Selected Text: color highlight, dictionary definition, Wikipedia lookup, Google search
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