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Biology for NGSS (2nd Edition)

Presentation Media

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Suitability NGSS life science (grade 9-12); General biology or life science (grade 9-12)
Format Download/Disk
Number of Slides 590
Licence Type Full Site
File Types PowerPoint, Keynote
Compatability Mac OS & Windows

Product Description

The Biology for NGSS (2nd Edition) Presentation Media series provides an exciting collection of over 567 slides (exact number to be confirmed) that can be used for a lecture-style presentation. The CD-ROM contains fully-editable slideshow presentations in PowerPoint and Keynote formats to enhance your lessons. A generous site license allows files to be placed in every computer on your campus.



Topics in this series include:

Topic Slides #:
1 Science Practices 36
2 Cell Specialization and Organization; 113
3 Feedback Mechanisms 37
4 Growth and Development 38
5 Energy in Living Systems 30
6 Interdependence in Ecosystems 51
7 Energy Flow and Nutrient Cycles 32
8 The Dynamic Ecosystem 42
9 Social Behaviour 15
10 Inheritance of Traits 15
11 Variation of Traits 68
12 Evidence for Evolution 27
13 Natural Selection and Adaptation 44
14 Biodiversity 19